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Without Limits Scholarships

Scholarship gifts transform the lives of children with special needs by encouraging participation in exceptional equine programs. Inspiration Ranch is dedicated to never turning a client away because of the inability to pay. Your scholarship support celebrates the inclusion of individuals with physical, emotional, and social disabilities, and helps each child to reach their fullest ability. Won’t you consider sponsoring a child? 

How much should I donate to fund a child to participate?
A $2,500 donation provides annual therapeutic riding tuition support for 1 child and the care of the horse they ride. 

Can I support a child for 1 session?
 Yes, a $400 donation provides tuition support for 1 child to participate in an 8-week therapeutic riding session and the care of the horse they ride. 

Can I support a child for Summer Camp?
Yes, a $150 donation will cover the direct expense for a summer camp experience for 1 child. Scholarship support at all levels is a vote of confidence that special needs children can achieve their goals and be extraordinary. 

There is no set minimum. All gifts are greatly appreciated.

Without Limits Scholarship Donations

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